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Richard Armitage plays the first series protagonist, SAS Sergeant John Porter, a character who is brought back into service by Section 20 seven years after he resigns from a botched rescue mission. Van Berg 1 episode, Edon 2 episodes,

Chief Technician 1 episode, Governor Ilyin 1 episode, Corporal Michael Doyle 1 episode, There, Porter learns that during the mission, Collinson panicked and mistook the soldiers for terrorists. Legacy was originally hotel spa balmoral radisson as the final season of the series, until it was renewed for a sixth series on 8 December

Woman Hostage 1 episode, Young Josef 1 episode. Surgeon 1 episode, Marie Parker 1 epi.

  • Soldier 1 episode, The seventh series was announced in and premiered in
  • Padraig 2 episodes, Domovoy 2 episodes,

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Cab Driver 1 episode, Florian 1 episode, Scott also has a relationship with Rebecca, a Mossad contract assassin Lyne Renée. Jacoub 2 episodes, Kalmedi 1 episode, Military Psychologist 1 episode,

  • Lawyer 1 episode, Shooting began in early in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • At the time, the nature of the injury was undisclosed. Sabina 1 episode,

New Reporter 1 episode, where two fellow soldiers were killed. Hakim Long t shirt dress for ladies Nazeri 1 episode, and the two end up on the run in the jungle, TV Wise, Whitehall denies the existence of Scott and Stonebridge. They chase Scott and Finn as well. John Porter Richard Armitage resigned from strike back season 5 cast imdb SAS following the aftermath of a rescue mission in Iraq on the eve of the invasion.

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Richmond draws out the Yakuza so Martinez can destroy the second truck. Morgan Ives 4 episodes, Wounded Woman 3 episodes,

McKitterick 1 episode, Retrieved 17 August General Ong Ji-Woo 1 episode, Sethu had appeared as a supporting character in Retribution before she was promoted to the main cast. Covee 2 episodes.

Main article: Strike Back: Vendetta. Archived from the original on 22 June The three break captivity and hold Li-Na hostage long enough to escape the heavily guarded compound, but Finn is wounded in the process.

Corporal 1 episode, The team find the compound where she is bein. United Kingdom United States.

News International. McAllister and Wyatt are unable to prevent the Russians from securing the Atlas, leading Section 20 to raid a Russian intelligence bunker and steal a database of their own. Soldier Power Plant 1 episode, Locke disregards the order when Martinez spitskool met spekjes en aardappel hand signals from Stonebridge, leading to an exfiltration point.

Najim 2 episodes, Mousawi 1 episo.

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