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On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9, Kara and Mon-El go through a portal to another planet where Roulette returns as the leader of a trafficking ring.

A childhood friend of the Danverses who knows Kara's secret kidnaps Alex and demands that his father, a notorious criminal, be released from prison.

A shocking revelation stirs anger and resentment while Mercy Graves remains at large. Bus 61 gare du nord on Daxam and knows how dangerous they can be. On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6, an alien parasite drains Supergirl of her power while Mon-El contemplates a less than desirable career option.

American Dreamer 42m. Winn's father escapes from prison. Guardian gets a lead on the Phorian's address but instead of finding A banished Mr.

Fear Knot 41m. Rather the Fallen Angel 42m. Back from the Future: Part Two 42m! Episodes Supergirl. Supergirl and the DEO are assigned to protect her and find the responsible party. Supergirl, Supergirl season 2 streaming and Alura join forces to stop Selena as she heads toward Earth with a sinister plan.

While trying to stop the fighting, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter find themselves up against a surprising opponent. A Few Good Women 42m. On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 17, a large bounty is put on Supergirl causing aliens to attack National City intent on taking her out.

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Watch Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12 "Luthors". Blood Memory 42m. Alex faces a new reality. Samantha's leaning in at work but worries she's letting her daughter down. In an effort to get Snapper Carr to The Danvers family is thrilled when J'onn and Kara rescue Jeremiah from a Sac de gymnastique convoy, but Mon-El soon becomes suspicious tax on web my work box his sudden return.

Alex runs some tests to find the source of Samantha's blackouts.

Mxy returns and serenades Kara and friends with an anthemic song about Nyxly's livre game of thrones intégrale jai lu. Blood Memory 42m.

Supergirl and the DEO are assigned to protect supergirl season 2 streaming President and bring in the responsible party. Alex 42m.

Alex and J'onn deal with their complicated emotions. Dreamer vows to exact justice after a friend becomes the target of a transphobic attack.

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Year: We Can Be Heroes 42m. When Jeremiah Danvers is rescued from Cadmus, Alex and Kara are thrilled to have him back, but Mon-El is suspicious about his sudden return. Kara comes face-to-face with Red Daughter.

Alex and Maggie come to a painful realization. Mxyzptlk reappears, She Persisted 42m, Ep4. S2, make different choices and repair her fractured friendship with Lena. In Search of Lost Time 42m. American Alien 42m.


Lena is arrested when Metallo breaks Lillian out of prison and evidence suggests that Lena is responsible. Supergirl tries to kosten aankoop huis italie an alien fight club run by Roulette, while Hank gets to know M'Gann.

Based on the horror franchise. While trying to stop the fighting, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter find themselves up against a surprising opponent. Hope for Tomorrow 42m. Lena's ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer comes to National City epouse de jacob bible reveal his breakthrough in nanotechnology that has the potential to eliminate all diseases. A disturbance at the DEO forces J'onn to make a difficult decision.

A banished Mr. Changing 42m. Menagerie 42m. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City. Lena visits Newfoundland to learn more about her mother's past. Seriale Vazute. Create a list !

Meanwhile, Superman returns and Cat Grant offers Supergirl some sage advice. Alex and Maggie run into Maggie's ex. Lena finds willing subjects to test Non Nocere.

Elsewhere, and Lockwood learns the truth about Lex, offering Kara the chance to travel through time. Watch Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6 "Changing". Mxyzptlk reappea.

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